Google Drops Holiday Chrome Bomb with New OS Support, Extensions

Maximum PC Staff

The elves on the Google Chrome team have been especially busy this holiday season. It’s not even Christmas, and they’ve wrapped up and delivered Google Chrome betas for Mac and Linux, and an Extensions beta for Google Chrome on Windows and Linux.

Brian Rakowski, the Google Chrome product manager, dishes out the details on the Official Google Blog . The Google Chrome betas for Mac and Linux, he says, were engineered to meet the demanding expectations of both platforms. Mac users, he says, will be impressed with the almost instantaneous launch time--so fast “there’s hardly even time for the icon in the dock to bounce!” The Mac version integrates with Mac features, such as the Keyhain, spell check, and SandBox for enhanced security.

For the Linux beta, Google remained faithful to the open source community, with more than 50 contributors contibuting to Chrome's foundation, Chromium . Google Chrome for Linux fits natively with the operating system where possible, including integration of native GTK themes, and updates managed by the standard system package manager.

Google, according to Rakowski, is all too aware that a browser without extensibility just isn’t a browser. But, at the same time, Google didn’t want to jeopardize Google Chrome’s speed and stability. Extensions, according to Rakowski, accomplishes these objectives. Extensions, says Rakowski, “are as easy to create as web pages, easy to install, and each extension runs in its own process to avoid crashing or significantly slowing down the browser.” Rakowski says there are more than 300 extensions now ready for use, but only for Windows and Linux boxes.

Image Credit: Google, Richard Wheeler/Wikimedia Commons

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