Google Drive Update Enables Offline Support for Documents

Maximum PC Staff

Google takes another step in the right direction.

In terms of features, Microsoft Office has Google Doc’s beaten hands down. The bad news for Microsoft however, is that the vast majority of features a typical user cares about are quickly being addressed. Of those missing features, the most common complaint we hear is lack of offline support. The option to work without an active Internet connection has come and gone from Google Doc’s over the years, but its back again for Chrome users , and hopefully its here to stay this time.

To enable offline support simply log into your Google Drive account, and on the left hand side menu below create click more, then offline. Users without the Chrome plugin will be prompted to install it, but once done, happy trails. Recent documents will be available to edit, and any changes will be synced back to Google HQ when you reconnect.

It’s still not quite as seamless as using Microsoft Office if you spend most of your time offline, but if you only need it in a pinch, and you love the cloud first focus of Google’s productivity suite, then it’s definitely worth checking out.

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