Google Drive Cloud Storage: Is Google Preparing To Muscle In On Dropbox?

Brad Chacos

Google's sticking its proverbial fingers into a whole lot of proverbial pies right now: search, social media, advertising, smartphones, restaurant reviews, self-driving cars and a ton more. A rumor swirling around the 'Net says the company's about to offer all those, +1 more: a cloud storage service similar to Dropbox. Yes, the long whispered-about GDrive service has reared its elusive head again -- but now it's just called Drive.

The Wall Street Journal just released a report claiming that the mythical Google Drive project is actually on the verge of launching sometime in "the coming weeks or months." (Way to be vague!) Allegedly, the storage service will -- duh -- allow users to upload files and access them anywhere there's an Internet connection. Sharing should be supported, in the form of SkyDrive- or Megaupload-esque links to the stored file. Additionally, the WSJ reports that Google Drive will include a synching function across numerous devices, similar to the way portions of Google's own Calendar/Gmail and Apple's iCloud currently work.

Plus, since Google already owns its own cloud servers and doesn't have to rent space from others, the company reportedly hopes to be able to undercut Dropbox's current pricing scheme.

Sounds awesome, eh? Rumorware always does, and GDrive's been on the tips of waggling tongues for a while now. Still, if Google Drive (as described above) hit the virtual streets today, I'd be all over it, new privacy policy and all. We'll let you know if Google confirms, well, anything.

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