Google Docs Suffers Outage

Ryan Whitwam

Google is pushing its cloud apps hard to government and business, and the Chrome OS platform relies entirely on these cloud services. So it was more than a little embarrassing when Google Docs went down for about half an hour today for all users. Those looking to get some work done were greeted with an unfriendly-looking 404 and nothing else.

Google Docs is the search giant’s office suite in the cloud with a full-featured word processor, spreadsheet, drawing tool and presentation app. The outage began at about 2:30PM Pacific and continued until around 3PM. At the time of this posting, most users report being able to access their documents list again.

With desktop apps increasingly migrating to the cloud, users need to evaluate the potential benefits and drawbacks carefully. Today, a local word processor seems to have won out. Were you affected by the Docs outage? Share your harrowing tales if you like.

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