Google Docs Source Code Hints at Cloud Printing, Third-Party Apps

Pulkit Chandna

Don’t be surprised if the next batch of Google Docs enhancements includes third party applications, cloud printers, and sync devices. Google-centric blog Google Operating System found a strong hint to this effect inside Google Docs’ source code while scrolling through it. "Coming soon: Third party applications, cloud printers, and sync devices," reads a message inside the code.

Support for cloud printing in Google Docs would be in keeping with the company’s stated goal of building “a printing experience that enables any app (web, desktop, or mobile) on any device to print to any printer anywhere in the world.” The cloud printing feature will be enabled through the upcoming Google Cloud Print service.

Although not available yet, the launch of Google Cloud Print has got to be just round the corner with the first installment of Chrome OS devices fast approaching.

Third-party apps and the “sync devices” feature will also be equally welcome additions to the web-based productivity suite.

“Each of the features you mentioned have been announced before but we are excited to see everyone's enthusiasm for the cloud and integration with Google Docs,” the company said in an e-mail response to a Cnet query. “We have no specifics on timing for these features at this point.”

Image Credit: Google Operating System

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