Google Docs a Failure, Says Forrester Analyst

Pulkit Chandna

Forrester analyst JP Gownder was all praise for Microsoft Office 2010 in a recent blog post . He believes that the productivity suite has the unenviable task of providing ballast to the fast drowning packaged software industry. But he is confident that it will not disappoint.

Gownder rubbished the idea of Google Docs being a worthy Office rival, even calling it a failure “ in terms of usage and penetration.” According to Forrester’s Consumer Technographics PC and Gaming survey, only 4 percent of respondents admitted to using Google Docs regularly.

“Let’s think about that for a second: We’re talking about a free software-as-a-service offering from one of the top brand names in technology, Gownder wrote. “The offering has been available for over three years from Google (and two more years if you count Writely before Google purchased Upstartle). And yet only 4% of consumers are onboard.”

On the other hand, he has high hopes of Office 2010 becoming a “success in the consumer market” just like previous versions. He imputes its impending success to a combination of factors: valuable consumer input that has gone into developing  it; its popularity among enterprises; and the introduction of Office Web.

Image Credit: Microsoft Office 2010

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