Google Dangles $3.5 Million Stock Offer to Retain Engineer from Jumping Ship

Paul Lilly

Most of us wouldn't think twice if the company we're working for offered us $3.5 million in restricted stock to stick around, but would you take it if Facebook was trying to pry you away? Probably, and according to TechCrunch, so did the Google employee who was given this very offer in order to keep him from joining Facebook.

"We've confirmed today that a staff engineer at Google being romanced by Facebook was offered a jaw dropping $3.5 million in restricted stock by Google (this means Google is handing over stock worth $3.5 million based on its value today, and that stock will vest over time. He quite wisely accepted Google's counter offer. Facebook lost this one," TechCrunch said.

That's quite the bonus in what's become a high stakes tug-of-war between Google and Facebook over talented engineers, but a drop in the bucket over what Google plans to pay in bonuses and raises over the next 12 months. In a confidential note to employees, Google recently stated it was giving every Google worker a $1,000 holiday bonus and at least a 10 percent raise effective January 1, 2011. It's estimated the move will cost Google around $1 billion next year.

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