Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Caught Sporting Project Glass HUD In Public

Brad Chacos

One of the reasons Google tipped the "Project" Glass wearable HUD technology so early in the product's lifecycle was because it wanted Googlers to actually, you know, be able to wear the glasses and try them out. It certainly didn't take them long to get on the ball: Project Glass was only officially unveiled this past Wednesday, and Thursday, Google co-founder Sergey Brin was already caught rocking a prototype of the intriguing new Google Glasses in public.

Well-known tech blogger Robert Scoble noticed Sergey's accessory at a Foundation Fighting Blindness charity dinner last night. Scoble quickly took to Google+, appropriately enough, to share the news :

He quickly told me it is a prototype. I saw a bluish light flashing off of his right eyeball. I could only guess that my Google+ profile flashed up, or maybe some PR voice said "stay quiet" or something like that .

But the glasses are real. Very light looking. Most of the people around us had no idea that these glasses are pretty special .

Scoble buddy- slash -professional photographer Thomas Hawk snapped several pics of the Google Glasses-sporting Sergey , which you can see above. The glasses definitely don't look like a big, boxy hindrance. Now, we're left wondering: what does the world look like to Sergey Brin?

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