Google Cloud Print Coming to a Mobile Device Near You

Ryan Whitwam

The nest time you need to print from a mobile device, you don't need to curse the heavens for making it so hard. Google is rolling out their Cloud Print service to all mobile devices , according to a posting on the Gmail Blog. Cloud Print allows users to send a Google Doc or Gmail message to any prints the service has been set up on.

Connecting a printer to the Cloud Print service is a little tricky, and is only available on Windows right now. But Mac and Linux support is coming soon. When you're all set up locally, just go to Gmail or Docs on the device of your choice and in the menu drop down, Print should be an option. Some attachments like PDFs and DOCs can also be printed directly.

This feature is not yet available on all devices, but it should have reached everyone in the next few days. Are there times when you've needed to print from a mobile device only to be stopped in your tracks?

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