Google Claims Orkut Will Co-Exist With Google+

Maximum PC Staff

With Google + sucking up all the social networking mojo these days, it’s easy to forget about good ole Orkut, Google’s first attempt to bring over-sharing to the masses. With so much positive energy leading up to the final release, naturally everyone was wondering would become of Orkut’s tens of millions of existing users, most of who reside in either India or Brazil. Turns out Google does have a plan, and the front page reads steady as she goes .

According to a Google spokeswomen, “Orkut and Google+ are different products, and will both exist. Over time, we'll determine what makes the most sense in terms of integrating these products”. While it’s not surprising Google wouldn’t want to risk losing the millions of users it has already built up, it is surprising that they view Orkut and Google + as different products. Either way what this tells us is that Orkut users can go about their lives normally, and trust in Google to find some way to preserve their data in the future if they choose to migrate over to Google +.

It’s a great to see Google doing the right thing here by allowing Orkut’s users to transition over at their leisure, rather than pulling another Wave where users were given a matter of months to find alternate arrangements.

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