Google Chrome Updated to Version 10

Ryan Whitwam

Google Chrome has become a leading browser in just a few years, thanks in part to the rapid pace of development. Google is frequently pushing out updates to the beta and developer channels, with the stable release getting the final product. It was just a month ago that version 9 became official, and Google has announced today that Chrome version 10 has left beta, bringing with it a slew of new features.

There is, as you'd expect, a performance boost in the V8 JavaScript engine. Google pegs this improvement at 66%, but at a certain point, these all start sounding like fuzzy number to us. The settings interface has been totally redesigned and streamlined. It now opens in a tab with the categories down the side and functions in the main window. There is a search box, so you can type the setting you're searching for, and the results will show up in real-time in the right hands space.

Chrome's sandboxing technology has also been extended to Flash player for increased security. Lastly, Google has finally added native password sync to the browser. If you're a Chrome user, how do you feel about release 10? Did you even notice the update?

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