Google Chrome OS Update Adds Folder Support to Launcher

Paul Lilly

New and improved version of Chrome OS hits the Stable channel

Google this week rolled out an updated version of its open source Chrome OS to the Stable channel -- version 35.0.1916.116 (Platform version: 5712.6.0). The update applies to all Chrome OS devices, save for the Asus Chromebook and Samsung Series 3 Chromebox. For all other Chrome OS devices, the update adds a number of bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements.

One of the bigger additions to Chrome OS is that the Launcher now supports folders. You can now sort and organize all of your web apps into folders rather than stare at a haphazard collection of icons strewn about.

Based on user feedback, Google also updated window controls. The minimize button has made a return and the left/right tiling of windows can be accomplished by long-pressing on the maximize button, Google says.

If you're into voice commands, you'll be happy to know that blurting out "Ok Google" will allow you to use voice control on New Tab Page and for English (U.S.) users.

Google says systems will be receiving the updated version of Chrome OS over the next several days.

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