Google Chrome Loses Market Share To Internet Explorer

Maximum PC Staff

Windows 8 may be struggling, but Internet Explorer is thriving.

For years Internet Explorer has been easy to pick on, but for once the Redmond based software giant is bucking the trend. Market share for Internet Explorer has reached an 18-month high, and it seems to have done so largely at the expense of Google Chrome. In February IE climbed 0.68 points to 55.82 percent. Chrome dropped 1.21 percent, and Firefox rocketed above 20 percent to settle at 16.27 and 20.12 percent respectively.

ARStechnica did an interesting analysis on what exactly this means for the browser market, and specifically Windows 8. The natural first instinct when looking at the numbers would be to attribute IE’s success to Microsoft’s newest version of Windows. Internet Explorer 10 and its new modern UI browser could reasonably explain away a bump in the numbers, however Windows 8 usage is at just 2.67 percent. This makes it bigger than any single version of Mac OSX, but still around half of Windows Vista.

Microsoft has stepped up its advertising budget for IE over the last several months, and perhaps we are finally seeing the results? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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