Google Chrome Gets Better at Blocking Ads

Ryan Whitwam

We're not under any illusion that people refrain from running ad blocking extensions in their browsers (though we do hope your favorite technology site is on the whitelist). The Chrome Adblock extension (which many of you probably use) has added a new trick that brings it up to par with the Firefox Adblock Plus extension. It can now block ads from loading at all , not just remove them from the rendered page. In doing so, Adblock developer Michael Gundlach has made known a feature that only recently found its way into Chrome.

The so-called "beforeload" event was added to the Webkit trunk, and eventually made its way into Chrome. It was not contributed to Webkit by Google, but By Apple, who uses the same engine for their Safari browser. Googler Aaron Boodman said of the situation, "Thank Apple. They added it to WebKit. We just inherited it." Boodman also has pushed for the open Chromium project to allow better blocking options in the name of privacy.

So Chrome users can't say Apple never did anything for them anymore. Do you run an Adblocker in Chrome? Have you noticed a difference

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