Google Chrome Cracks 10 Percent Market Share

Paul Lilly

For the first time ever, Google's Chrome browser busted through the 10 percent global market share threshold in January, according to market research firm Net Applications .

Chrome's market share has been steadily rising every month, while both Internet Explorer and Firefox go in the wrong direction. According to Net Applications, Chrome's share of the browser market was 5.22 percent in January 2010, less than half of what it is now (10.7 percent). Compare that to Firefox, which has gone from a 24.43 percent share in January 2010 to 22.75 percent in January 2011.

Microsoft still owns the largest chunk of the market, but its share has fallen from 62.12 percent in the beginning of 2010 to 56 percent to start off 2011. As for the other browsers, Safari now claims a 6.3 percent share of the market and Opera remains steady at around 2.28 percent.

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