Google Chrome Coughs Up Market Share for Second Consecutive Month

Paul Lilly

Not a single month went by in 2011 in which Google's Chrome browser didn't grow its market share, and it's only moved in a backwards direction a few times since it was released nearly three and a half years ago in September 2008. At the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, Chrome accounted for 10.36 percent of all desktop browsers, compared to Firefox's 23.69 percent and Internet Explorer's 58.35 percent. By the time 2011 came to a close, Chrome had grabbed a 19.11 percent share of the market, compared with Firefox's 21.83 percent and IE's 51.87 percent. But so far in 2012, Chrome has only given up browser market share.

According to data by NetMarketShare , Chrome's market share at the end of February 2012 stood at 18.90 percent, down from 18.94 percent in January 2012, which itself was down from December 2011. That's two consecutive months of losing market share, and as minor as those figures are, that's not something we've witnessed from Chrome before.

Other than Chrome's story line, February proved a mostly uneventful month. IE took a small step backwards, going from a 52.96 percent share in January 2012 to 52.84 percent in February 2012, while Firefox grew its share from 20.88 percent to 20.92 percent in the same time period. Apple's Safari browser also managed to attract a few new users, going from a 4.90 percent share to 5.24 percent share, while Opera inched forward from 1.67 percent to 1.71 percent.

Which browser(s) you find yourself using most often these days?

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