Google Chrome 5 Now Available for Download, Linux and Mac Users Welcome

Paul Lilly

Google Chrome 5 has finally graduated from beta and is now a stable release, Google announced in a blog post on Tuesday. The latest version of Chrome also happens to be the first stable release for Linux and Mac users.

"Today’s stable release also comes with a host of new features," Google said. "You’ll be able to synchronize not only bookmarks across multiple computers, but also browser preferences -- including themes, homepage and startup settings, web content settings, preferred languages, and even page zoom settings. Meanwhile, for avid extensions users, you can enable each extension to work in incognito mode through the extensions manager ."

In addition, the Chrome 5 browser incorporates several HTML5 elements, including Geolcation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop, Google said. To try some of these features out, you can navigate to HTML5 specific websites like, or head over to your Gmail account and drag and drop attachments.

Not included in Chrome 5 is Adobe Flash integration, though Google says this will change with the full release of Flash Player 10.1.

Chrome Download

Image Credit: Google

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