Google Buzz is 90% Bots

Ryan Whitwam

Google launched Buzz just a few months ago, but it's already looking grim for the Twitter competitor.  Media analytics firm PostRank conducted a survey of Buzz content and found that fully 90% of the content comes from automated (or bot) accounts. That works out to 63% of Buzz content coming direct from a linked Twitter account, and 27% is from an automated RSS feed.

So why is it that Buzz isn't catching on? It seemed to make sense on the surface. Gmail has a large user base and many people kept their contacts there. The early security issues most likely scared some users off. Add to that the still cumbersome commenting system, and inbox cluttering capacity, and many people probably turned it off. The only bright spot is that almost 11% of content on Buzz is unique to it. However, we suspect much of that could be made up of comments.

Do you still use Buzz? If not, let us know why. Security concerns? Or do you just not need another social networking tool?

Image via PostRank

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