Google Browser Now Immune from Flash Exploit

Paul Lilly

Yet another reason to choose Google's Chrome browser over all the rest, it's the only one no longer affected by a critical Adobe Flash Player bug currently running wild. Google was able to issue the fix ahead of schedule because of its close collaboration with Adobe. The Flash Player comes embedded in the Chrome browser, and as a result of Google's and Adobe's buddy system, Google receives early access to updated Flash builds.

Other browsers have no choice but to wait for the fix in an upcoming patch from Adobe. Meanwhile, a zero-day bug is making the rounds and "could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system," Adobe warns .

For what it's worth, Chrome and Firefox were the only two browsers to survive the recent Pwn2Own security convention in Vancouver, the U.K.'s Guardian reports . However, nobody actually tried to crack the Chrome browser, with hackers instead mostly focusing their efforts on Safari and Internet Explorer 8.

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