Google Beats One Lawsuit, Gets Hit with Another

Paul Lilly

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. Unfortunately for Google, those doors lead straight into the court room. Such was the case when a Pittsburgh couple sued the search engine site claiming its Street View on Google Maps "significantly disregarded privacy interests." In the five-count lawsuit, the couple saught over $25,000 in damages, only to have U.S. District Court for Western Pennsylvania dismiss the suit earlier this week.

Now Google must defend itself against over alleged unfair business practices. Specifically, Rick Rule, who works for the company's law firm and has a kickass name to boot, says that and its subsidiary "had a thriving business before Google decided to eliminate them as a competitor. We believe this complaint has strong merit and represents a serious antitrust violation."

According to TradeComet, Google targeted its business-to-business search engine subsidiary and illegally tried to "extinguish's platform.

Google said it hasn't had a chance to review this new lawsuit, perhaps because it hasn't finished celebrating its Google Maps victory. However, it did say that it operates in a "highly competitive" advertising market, one in which advertisers have a wide range of choices. True enough, but is it enough for back-to-back victories?

Image Credit: Flickr Joe Gratz

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