Google Apps Users Promised Google+ Access Someday

Ryan Whitwam

It is nothing new for users of Google Apps. A cool new Google service comes out, but they can’t access it. These dedicated users have been clamoring for access to Google+ (like half of the Internet seems to be), but Apps access to the social network is not happening. According to Google’s president of enterprise, they’re working on it , though.

Google tends to roll out new features and service to paid Google Apps users slowly. Part of the deal, and what users expect, is that Apps will have a certain uptime and reliability guarantee. So Google often delays beta products for Apps. But in the case of Google+, they may be adopting an accelerated timetable for the rollout.

We know that Google is in the process of setting up business pages on Google+, and the Apps support would seem to go hand-in-hand with that. Are you an Apps user hankering for access? Is Google just stalling, or is the change imminent?

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