Google Announces Solid Q2 Numbers, Stock Still Takes a Hit

Ryan Whitwam

Google just came clean with their Q2 revenue numbers , and they look just about as good as everyone expected. Google brought in $6.82 billion in the second quarter. This is a 24% increase over last year at this time, but only a 1% increase over last quarter.

The vast majority of the mountain of cash came in from Google-owned sites. In all that chunk was $4.5 billion, or 66% of the total. AdSense programs brought in an additional $2.06 billion. Google is clearly not hurting for money right now, though it is interesting that the quarter to quarter growth this year has been minimal.

While revenue did beat expectations, actual profit was lower due to the cost per click on Google ads increasing only 4%. Google's stock price has dipped 18.5% in the last few months, and took another 4% hit in after-hours trading.

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