Google Announces New "Interest-Based" Approach to Online Advertising

Maximum PC Staff

Google’s adverts have long been a prevalent part of surfing the net. While the ads that we normally see on blogs featuring AdSense and the text based ads on the sidebar of our Google search page seem like they’re looking out for us, the powers that be at Google are planning to make these ads a bit more sophisticated.

“Today we are launching ‘interest-based’ advertising as a beta test on our partner sites and on YouTube,” writes Susan Wojciciki (Google’s VP of Product Management) on Google’s blog. “These ads will associate categories of interest — say sports, gardening, cars, pets — with your browser, based on the types of sites you visit and the pages you view. We may then use those interest categories to show you more relevant text and display ads.”

Tailoring advice such as this to each user does allow for audiences to be targeted easier when advertisers take aim, Wojciciki believes “that interest-based ads will create the same virtuous cycle, by giving users more relevant ads, while generating higher returns for advertisers and publishers.” We’ll just have to wait and see!

Image Credit: Google

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