Google Announces Cloud Storage for Google Docs

Maximum PC Staff

If clouds are good enough for castles, (according to Cosette ), then certainly they should good enough for documents, or so thinks Google, which has announced a cloud-based document storage option for Google Docs .

Google wants to simplify the accessibility of documents which, when large in size, are troublesome to move about or make available. Email is not always an option. A USB drive isn’t practical if the documents are to be shared. And a central repository isn’t much use if it isn’t readily accessible.

Google is going to offer up to 1 GB of free storage in its cloud, on which you can load documents up to 250 MB in size. (Additional storage is available at a paltry 25-cents per gigabyte per year.) Documents, by default, are private, but can be readily accessed by others using shared folders.

Google’s offering is not something new--you can get this same feature from a number of places, like Dropbox, Windows Live, and MobileMe. But, unlike most services, Google’s is tied to a suite of productivity applications, providing one-stop convenience.

Cloud storage is not yet available, but will be rolled out over the next few weeks. Google says look for a “bubble notification” that announces the feature’s availability.

Image Credit: Google, NOAA

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