Google and PayPal on Verge of Android Deal?

Ryan Whitwam

Until now, payment options for Google's Android market were slim. Users had to use either Google Checkout, or T-Mobile USA billing. But now sources are claiming that Google and PayPal have signed a deal to allow the payment processor to handle Market transactions. The deal could be announced at PayPal's October 26th developer conference.

Users have cited a number of issues with the Google Checkout system, chiefly that it is not available in many locations. Many consumers also do not have Google Checkout sign-ins when purchasing an Android phone, and the set up process is not very clear. Some developers also tell tales of huge numbers of rejected sales due to problems with Google Checkout.

PayPal integration could bring some uniformity to the system, and it's clear developers and users would benefit from the choice. Have you had issues with Google Checkout on Android? Let us know about it in the comments.

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