Google Adds More Social Features to Search Results

Maximum PC Staff

Google has been quietly working a Social Search experiment for the past year. Google’s interest is in making search results more personal by providing relevant web content from friends and online contacts. The experiment seems to be going well, as Google has just announced the availability of Social Search to all , in beta form.

Google hopes, besides you making more use of its search engine, that the Social Search will offer greater confidence in search results. Rather than rely on the “kindness of strangers”, you can get feedback from people you know and trust. You’re doing it now on Facebook and Twitter, so why not do it on Google as well?

For Social Search to work in a meaningful way, you’re going to have to disclose more of yourself to Google. Google says creating/updating your Google profile is a first step. There you can add links to your other public online social services. Google allows options for managing your Social Search network, including adding and deleting members.

Social Search is being rolled out for all signed-in users. Google says it may take a few days before you see the change.

Image Credit: Google

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