Google Adds Mobile Editing to Google Docs

Ryan Whitwam

Google has thus far neglected to create a mobile application for managing Google Docs. But Google today announced that the mobile Google Docs site will soon allow editing of documents from the mobile browser . When viewing a document online, there will be a link to load editing mode, where users will be able to change the document from within the browser. While an app might provide a better experience, this web-based editing would be more in line with Google's ways.

The new feature will be available on iOS devices running version 3 or later, and on Android phones running 2.2 Froyo. Google also made sure to note that Android users can use voice dictation to edit documents. The 2.2 requirement is a real bummer for users of phones that are still running Android 2.1 or earlier. The Docs editing mode will be rolling out over the next few weeks, so some phones might get an update in the meantime.

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