Google Adds Instant Search, WebGL Support to Chrome

Pulkit Chandna

Chrome has been updated to 7.0.517.24 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame on the Beta channel. The first Chrome 7 beta release is pretty thin on conspicuous improvements . In fact, the only notable enhancement is the introduction of Side Tabs under the about:labs option.

However, the latest Dev channel release, version 7.0.536.2, is a lot different and boasts a large number of enhancements, including built-in Google Instant search results, WebGL 3D support, and support for accelerated composting and 3D CSS transforms. The release also addresses a number of issues with previous versions.

“A lot of the work that's being done in 7.0 is largely not user facing and in some cases is a legitimate work in progress. With our new release cycle and about:labs, I'd suggest you stay tuned, things are going to start moving quite fast,” Anthony Laforge, Google Chrome product manager, told unimpressed comment posters on the Google Chrome Releases blog.

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