Google Adds Emoticons to Gmail

Paul Lilly

Earlier this month, Google announced its "Mail Goggles" feature for Gmail users who have a habit of sending out emotionally charged emails without first considering the consequences. That was followed up by this week by giving Gmail users the ability to send canned responses based on a set of custom-created filters. So what will Gmail engineers conjure up next?

If you answered 'emoticons,' go ahead and give yourself a happy face. Users can now select from nearly 160 animated and static emoticons, ranging from two block-headed faces giving each other a smooch (aww) to a stinking pile of crap with flies swirling around (aww schnap!).

"The black-and-white days of text-based emails have had their day," Darren Lewis, Gmail engineer, said in a blog post . "Following the evolutionary path blazed by colored labels, we present, in all their technicolor glory, emoticons in your mail."

Oh joy? ;-)

Image Credit: Google

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