Google Adds Appointment Management to Calendar

Ryan Whitwam

With the continued expansion of Google Apps, many businesses and individuals use Google Calendar to organize everything. Making a calendar publically visible has always been a great way to let others know when you’re available, but a new feature of Calendar will help people actually set up appointments right from another user's calendar.

All a user needs to do is set up appointment slots on their calendar. Google then provides a unique URL for setting up appointments on that calendar. The link can be set to anyone that may need to grab one of those slots. The other party won't have full write access to your calendar. They can only modify open appointment slots. When a person views your appointment slots, their own Google calendar will be overlaid on your available appointments.

As is customary, the new feature will be rolled out to all users over the coming days. We imagine this is going to be a big help in business and education. Will you use it on your personal calendar as well?

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