Google Ad Hints at Upcoming HP Ultrabooks

Pulkit Chandna

Despite the recent change of guard at HP, the company is still considering spinning off or selling its market-leading PC business. But whatever be the final outcome, it’s business as usual at HP’s PC’s division. Although the company has yet to reveal its Ultrabook plans, it’s a given that the world’s leading PC vendor will join the Ultrabook fray sooner or later. Earlier this year, in fact, there were rumors that HP could be the first company to launch an Ultrabook. One thing is certain that even if HP is not the first it won’t be too far behind in launching an Ultrabook.

First discovered by a site called Ultrabooknews and later confirmed by others , a search for the term Ultrabook on Google seems to yield a results page headlined by an ad titled “HP Ultrabook Computers.” The body of the ad reads: “A lighter, faster PC means a more productive you. Upgrade to HP!” This is a strong indication that the world’s leading PC vendor, which hasn’t been behaving anything like a market leader lately, has a few Ultrabooks of its own in the works.

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