Google Acquires Postrank

Ryan Whitwam

Google has made it known this afternoon that It has acquired social RSS startup Postrank. Details like price were not immediately available. But this deal definitely show how serious Google is with its “social everywhere” strategy. You might never have heard of Postrank, but you’re going to wish you had. New registrations are closed already.

Postrank lets users plug in any RSS feed for analysis. The service then ranks all feed items by number of comments, inbound links, shares on Twitter/Facebook, as well as other social cues. The user can subscribe to a feed of just the top items. The suspicion is that Postrank technology is going to become part of Google Analytics.

Does that mean the Postrank service is going away? It wouldn’t be unheard of. When Google acquired Gizmo5 they ended up shutting down the service. It wasn’t until much later that VoIP calling technology from Gizmo was built into Gmail. Are you a Postrank user? Feeling a little anxious today?

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