Goodbye Scrabulous, Hello Wordscraper


The Mashable social networking blog reports that the creators of the now-offline Scrabble clone Scrabulous, Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, have now launched Wordscraper. Wordscraper, like its now-vanished sibling, is for Facebook users only.

Wordscraper 101

Wordscraper doesn't look like Scrabble, as it uses circles instead of squares for letter placement. Although Wordscraper uses multiple letter and word scores like Scrabble, it implements them with different-colored circles, and the default board uses a much different layout than Scrabble.

Advanced Wordscraper

Wordscraper doesn't just avoid duplicating Scrabble, it enables the user to create customized gameboards. You can create your own layout, populate it with your preferred bonus circles, and, to make things easier, create one corner of the board and Wordscraper does the rest. You could duplicate the layout of 'the game that must not be named' - or create a better one.

Scrabulous Fans, What Do You Think About Wordscraper?

If you're missing Scrabulous, do you think you'll give Wordscraper a try? If you're new to Facebook, are games like Wordscraper a good reason to keep logging in? Attorneys, do you think the changes in Wordscraper are enough to keep the lawsuits away? Opinions wanted!

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