Goodbye Microsoft Points, Hello Real Currency

Paul Lilly

Microsoft Points being phased out.

Microsoft earlier this week finally revealed details about its next generation game console, the Xbox One, at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), setting in motion an eventual showdown this holiday shopping season with Sony's PlayStation 4 (and Nintendo's Wii U, though that one's been out for awhile). Most of the unveiling focused on upcoming games, though one tidbit that's been mostly overlooked is that Microsoft is finally moving away from its Microsoft Points system in favor of real currency.

Beginning this fall, gamers will make purchases using their local currency instead of virtual currency. This is great news, considering that the Xbox One is so heavily invested in the cloud. From downloadable content (DLC) to games and other goods and services, gamers figure to spend a boatload of money on the Xbox One.

Currently Microsoft sells Points in 400 ($5), 800 ($10), 1600 ($20), 4,000 ($50), and 6,000 ($75) increments. After Microsoft transitions to a real currency model, any existing points you already have will be converted over, which you can then redeem. Also, you'll still be able to redeem any Microsoft Points cards that are collecting dust.

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