Going Wireless on a Desktop

Nathan Edwards

Hey Doc,

I’m looking to build a desktop computer for home use. I want to go as wireless as possible—wireless keyboard and mouse, wireless headset, etc. The only thing that should be plugged in to my computer is, of course, the power supply. Do you know of any Intel Core 2 Duo chipset–based motherboards that feature built-in Wi-Fi for smooth wireless home computing?


The Doctor thinks you should try your luck with an Asus motherboard. The company has been marketing boards with onboard wireless for a few years now. The P5E3 Deluxe Wi-Fi-AP@n, P5E3 Premium/Wi-Fi-AP@n, and P5K-E series all include some form of wireless integration that lets the boards act as access points or clients. Of course, integrated wireless isn’t the only option. You could simply pick up a PCI or USB Wi-Fi adapter for $50 and slap it into your existing motherboard. Ta da—wireless!

Asus’s P5E3 Deluxe Wi-Fi-AP@n is compliant with 802.11n, ensuring a speedy connection between the onboard wireless adapter and your router.

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