GoDaddy Tests .Co as New Default Choice, Reverts Back to .Com

Paul Lilly

Everybody can relax, the .com era isn't over, not that GoDaddy could end it by itself anyway. Even so, when GoDaddy switched its default choice for new registrants from .com to .co, some saw it as a sign that the .com well had officially dried up.

With over 90 million .com destinations littering the Web, it's definitely tougher than ever coming up with an awesome domain name that isn't already taken. This is where .co comes into play, and with GoDaddy providing around half of all domain registrations, switching to .co as the new default option could be viewed as a huge win for the 'alternative' domain extension.

And it was, for all of 24 hours, DomainNameWire reports . The switch to .co as the default choice turned out to be one of GoDaddy's many tests. By the end of the weekend, GoDaddy had switched back to .com, although .co now sits directly below as the No. 2 option.

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