GoDaddy Says It's All about You with .Me Domains


Now open to the general public, GoDaddy has begun selling top-level .me domains. As expected, response so far has been tremendous, even more so than GoDaddy anticipated. Mashable reports that several people are claiming to have registered, representing an apparent glitch from the massive amount of orders being put in during the digital domain gold rush phase. GoDaddy is aware of problem, saying:

"We knew the .ME Open Registration response would be tremendous, but it went beyond even what we had expected. As a result, we experienced some system issues in our communication with the registry.

As soon as we became aware of the issue we bagan taking steps to correct it. It is now resolved.

For our customers, if we did not successfully register the domain name requested they will receive a full refund. "

The new domains run $20/yr with a 2-year minimum purchase, and they're going fast. It's too late to register John, Paul, or, along with many other common names, but if you're quick you can still snag HoorayFor.Me, which is what you might be heard saying if you manage to find any good ones that are still left.

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