Go Small or Go Home: Shipments of 11-inch Notebooks on the Rise as 15-inch Laptops Decline



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Sweet-spot for me was 12.1" display since that'll get you a full-size keyboard. Asus EeePCs, while not ultrabooks, deliver all the productivity power I need, and the 1366x768 displays does the job.

But yeah, if I could get 1600x900 or 1920x1080 on a 12-inch screen at netbook-like prices, I'd take it.

One other very practical matter for airline travelers ... a larger screen can get snapped by the passenger in front of you reclining their seatback if the top of your display is in the upper edge of the tray table recess. I've had it almost happen twice with 15.1" laptops (forcing me to holler at the passenger to momentarily stop!). A 12.1" laptop display seems to be just small enough to avoid that threat and your palms aren't pressing up against your belly while typing to boot.



never understood it: people griped about netbooks because of their overall size, screen size, keyboard and OS. Yet they praise tablets with the same sizes of screen in 7 and 10 inch displays, praise portability because of the overall smaller size, paise the small keyboard docks, and praise a mobile OS on them. Granted Windows Starter was/is a horrible OS. however with a clean install of Linux it made a netbook as fast as something with a real CPU compared to the Atom. Add to that with a chromebook you have to always be online to even log in.. tiny sizes of onboard storage.. Mainly it's like we're going backwards with the netbook/notebook in the form of the more portable small laptop and then the tablet and the original gripes are now turned into hypocritical praise by those that bashed such machines when they first debuted.



I'm not exactly sure where netbooks stop and notebooks start, but I love the 11" size myself. I had an Acer One 10" but is was slow and a little too small. I upgraded to a Dell 11" with a Core i3 and I love it! Great size, quick, and really easy to travel with. Unfortunately the motherboard died on it so I had to send if off for warranty repair. I was missing it while it was gone as I was lugging around my 17" machine from place to place.



I would really appreciate a 14" bezel... holding a 15" screen.

Utilizing the same technology that a Latitude E6340s, that has a chassis the same size of a 13" but holds a 14" screen instead.

And no, please do not make it so thin so that its serviceability, ugradeability and general CPU performance, suffers.



Convergence toward the netabooklet continues apace...



lol, "netabooklet" - you need to add the TM after that, it's good!



I reckon this has nothing to do with consumer demand but what commpaines want to ship and force it down the end users throat either via sales or aggressive promotion. Alot of IT companies are reporting slaes up but profits down.
Alot of my customers only want 15.6" or really cheap Tablets.



I loved my 11.6" MBA. For me, it was the perfect size and no one "shoved" it down my throat.



i believe the sweet spot is 13" for a light laptop at or below 3lbs.
Its comfortable for fat fingers to type on and just the right size to carry around in any backpack. With Haswell hopefully, we will get better performance and longer battery life.

I would like those specs in 15", but the biggest issues for all these ultrabooks is they need to move past 1600 x 900. Anything less than that is pointless. 1920 x 1080.

The next Samsung Ativ Q is even 3200 x 1800. Win 8 and Android combine in 13" screen. I am waiting for that.