Gnome Updates Free Desktop with 2.30 Release


The Gnome free-software project this week announced a new version of the Gnome desktop environment and developer platform, Gnome 2.3.

"I'm really pleased with all of the updates in GNOME 2.30," said Stormy Peters, GNOME Executive Director. "I'm excited that I can automatically sync my Tomboy notes between my desktop and laptop computer, easily configure Facebook chat in Empathy instant messenger, and do more with PDFs in Evince. GNOME 2.30 provides everything I need for work and play."

Gnome's developers say the latest release contains significant user-visible improvements and adds a bunch of platform improvements. Also included is a preview of the Gnome Shell, which will replace the existing Gnome panel in Gnome 3.0.

The new release is available now via Gnome Live Media.

Image Credit: Gnome

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