Gmail Makes It Easier to Unsubscribe from Irritating Emails



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Now if only Yahoo could implement the same thing ...


Dorito Bandit

I try to be careful about the places I provide my email address in hopes of avoiding spam, or at least avoid getting a lot of it. Within the last 3 months or so, my GMail address has been getting hammered with loads of spam. I'd say about 99% of it is about penis enlargement pills. Absolutely ridiculous! These spam emails use crazy email address names, which I assume are just randomly generated, so Unsubscribing from them would just be a waste of time, as more can easily be generated.

It's ashame we have to be bothered with this nonsense and hopefully we can put a stop to this junk in the near future.



I use outlook and can have two emails in one. I use my primary email for official sites only, and another for anything else. If I want to sign up for a site to check it out I use a fake online email. Don't get spam anymore.



good to know im the only one getting those emails! I also get the shady " ROLEX WATCHES CHEAP" emails too. very aggervating