Gmail is First Android App to Boast 1 Billion Downloads



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Sometimes you post some good articles... then you post something like this that converts you into flame-bait for the true techies.

You might as well have said that the #1 piece of functionality used by Windows is the Start button.

"downloaded more times than Gmail"
- Android OS is a Google product; so is Gmail.
How many of these updates are automatic?
Deliberate choice by user opt-in?

Lies, damned lies, and statistics...



Some cheese to go with that whine (there's plenty to share):

Gouda Cheese




You're an immature little dumb ass!



Slow your roll, Cy-Kill. I hate playing the "ToS" card, but if you're intent on forcing my hand: Complaints and criticisms (preferally constructive) are fine, and even displaying a lack of a sense of humor is acceptable; name calling and other actions that run afoul of the User Code of Conduct section of our Terms of Use are not.

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There are much more creative ways of calling me an "immature little dumb ass" that fall within the Terms of Use.



Oh, I'm so scared...NOT; my statement about you still stands & you keep proving it to everyone!

americans, what a useless bunch!


Bullwinkle J Moose

Does Gov't Spyware count as a app?

How about those Gov't redirectors that send you to Gov't sponsored Honeypots?
Are they considered apps?

How about those Gov't sponsored Trojans @ www.keygen.US seeded throughout the the keygens or in the app's @ the pirate bay?

When the Gov't Criminals use those app's to break into the vast majority of computers without leaving a trail in Windows Spyware Platforms 7 & 8 for plausible deniability reasons, are they not considered apps?

When the Gov't redirectors send you to Honeypots when you use Yahoo instead of Google, how are they not app's?

How can the Gov't stop the spread of malware when they refuse to remove sites that spread the malware?

How can they ever stop child pornography when they refuse to block those sites you are redirected to when using yahoo?

How will they feel when they are publicly outed and their families targeted by malicious hacker drones?

Who the fuck do these punk ass little Bitches think they are?

Hey, if it's NOT you, then this crap CAN be stopped ya know!

I mean it sure is wierd that you can find and target ANYONE's computer who visits the Honeypots but you can never find the illegal content at the Honeypot site or the site itself

Dark Web my ass....

The only illegal content on the Internet never seems to change year after year yet you can never find it, you can only find those who stumble across it

That is so wierd

Isn't that wierd?

There should be an app for that!



Sounds like (actually reads like)overkill coming from me, but...

I literally have two physical firewall barriers, a better than average software firewall, then numerous programs on top of that to limit restrict access, etc...

It's sad to what levels one needs to go to just for the average American to try to protect themselves from their own government. Nothing to hide for most, but does one really want to have the united states government always having the ability to both live monitor someone and also continually build files upon each and every adult american?

I am unable to figure out why the citizens of america are not actively doing more against what has become considerably worse than anything 1984 could have dreamed of


Bullwinkle J Moose

Why work against it?

Just play dumb, collect all the malware they throw at you and get a job at Microsoft

Reverse engineer and improve upon the Gov't exploits and use them to help build Windows 9.0

There's Gold in them thar hills
So what if a few hundred million people must suffer for it



No wonder Ballmer was so excited about DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS!

It is no longer called malware once it becomes a Windows "Feature"

I'm Joking of course
Windows doesn't need any more malware



Why is this news on MPC? GMail is already ON your phone when you turn it on for the first time! Every once in a while it gets updated. This download count should even count, as its a bloody pre-loaded app! Tell me about the non-Google pre-loaded app that got this far, then come talk to me about an app that got this amount of downloads! Until then, all this looks like is MPC catering to Google advertising, which is kind of sad.



Couldn't agree more.



Pual! did you know google stopped offering services to third party apps. how about you inform us with an article on that.



'Gmail is First Android App to Boast 1 Billion Downloads'

The problem that I have with this, is that Gmail is already there when you get a smartphone powered by Android!



Indeed, google apps don't count. To reach 1 billion downloads is not a big deal for them. It would be interesting if it was other non-google and non-facebook or other social media app did that.



you beat me to it