Gmail Vulnerability Could Let Hackers Redirect Your Email

Maximum PC Staff

If you’re a Gmail user and you’ve got a domain that’s registered through GoDaddy, you’ve been put in danger – from yourself.

A new security flaw in Gmail has caused a new exploit to run wild. The exploit essentially makes you to create a filter all on your own, allowing unwanted eyes to get access of your Gmail account.

In a nutshell, the exploit steals a cookie from you. Once this cookie has been swiped some malicious code creates a hidden iframe with a url that contains the variables required for Gmail to create a filter for your account. Once this is done, the hacker has free reign over your personal emails and whatever else you might associate with your Gmail account.

While this is clearly the shorthand version, be sure to check out the full rundown . If you’re one of the many that uses both Gmail and GoDaddy, we’d suggest that you take some time to check it out.

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