Gmail Plays Hide-and-Seek Over the Weekend, Users Not Amused

Paul Lilly

Google's support forum has filled with messages from Gmail users who say they've been receiving 502 error messages all weekend. Many complained that the 502 blues left them without email service for 30 hours or longer.

But what those affected found most frustratingly was Google's slow response to the problem. For most of the weekend, Google kept mum about the situation and didn't reference the hiccup on its 'Apps Status Dashboard,' nor did the company respond to support requests, according to the complaints.

"I've been reporting [the outage] since yesterday evening but all's been quiet from Google," one user wrote . "The worst part is, no one I know who has Gmail is experiencing the problem. This is ridiculous."

Google did finally acknowledge the problem on Sunday afternoon, and was apparently able to resolve the issue by late evening. The company hasn't yet disclosed what caused the glitch in the first place, but did say "less than 0.001 percent of Gmail users" had been affected.

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