Gmail Outage Left Up to 35 Million Users Hanging

Paul Lilly

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may we have your attention. All is right in the world this morning, and you may all commence firing off breakup emails, work communication, chain letters, and whatever else you might use your Gmail account(s) for. Google's popular email service is back up and running after suffering a severe outage that potentially affected up to 35 million Gmail users yesterday.

Google began investigating "reports of an issue with Google Mail" at 12:42 PM on Tuesday. The outage lasted more than an hour before Google's software engineers were able to get a handle on things and restore order in the GUniverse.

"We've determined that this issue affected less than 10 percent of the Google Mail users who attempted to access their accounts during the affected timeframe," Google states on its Apps Status Dashboard . "While we have resolved this issue with Google Mail, it's possible that some users may experience message delays because affected accounts weren't available to receive messages. The messages will be successfully delivered after account access is restored."

Massive outages like this one are fairly infrequent for Gmail. According to ZDNet , this is the first time Gmail has down for more than an hour so far in 2012; the last time that happened was at the end of October in 2011.

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