Gmail Opens up Contact Importing for Everyone

Maximum PC Staff

It wasn’t long ago that the Gmail team added the feature to import your old mail and contacts to Gmail. Only catch, was that it was only available to new users, since they’d be the most likely to benefit from the process. But, they’ve finally made the feature available to their entire user base.

“Now, with just a few clicks anyone can copy all of [their old contacts and mail] to your Gmail account. It's easy — just go to the Settings > Accounts & Import page and click "Import mail and contacts." A window will pop out to lead you through the short import process. If you want us to continue to forward any new mail your other account gets for 30 days, we can do that too,” wrote Marcin Brodziak on the Gmail Blog .

They say that coping your mail over can take anywhere from a couple days to a week, depending on how much you have. Once it’s all taken care of though, you can forget about your old account and enjoy using everything in one place.

Image Credit: Google

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