Gmail for Mobile Now Supports Multiple Account Log-In

Pulkit Chandna

Google has made its Gmail for mobile product a bit more productive with the addition of a number of useful features. First on the list of additions is multiple account log-in, which gives you the ability to sign into multiple accounts and then switch between them with the utmost ease. Also, now you can not only create an automatic reply from within mobile Gmail when going on a vacation, but also set a custom signature for all messages sent from a mobile device.

The multiple log-in feature is fairly easy to use. To get started, you’ll first need to ensure that the feature is enabled from within your Google account’s main settings page. Once that is done, you can sign-in to additional accounts by clicking “on the account switcher at the bottom of the threadlist, then click ‘Sign into an another account.’”

Instead of constantly explaining to your friends that your previous message was unusually terse or typo-riddled, or both, because it was sent from a phone, Google wants you to simply set a custom signature for Gmail for mobile.

“Let your friends know that you are responding via your mobile phone so that they understand why you might have sent a message that you are meeting for ‘monitors’ and not ‘mojitos,’” Google wrote in a blog post.

“It's an easy way to make them understand why your message might be short or have a few typos. To create a mobile signature, from the menu view, press the new settings icon, choose your signature, and then check the box that tells us you want to activate it.”

Finally, it’s now possible to set vacation messages using the mobile interface: “Simply choose a start and end date and specify your message, just like on the desktop interface.”

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