Gmail About To Get A Redesign

Ryan Whitwam

Google seems to be on the verge of rolling out a new user interface for Gmail that is more in line with the look of the other Google apps. Users that have been using the “Preview” theme will know what to expect. This redesign is going to use sharper lines, more icons, and lots of white-space. There’s more than just the look, but Google might be making some last minute changes; the video announcement was pulled just after going live ( mirror ).

The new Gmail will automatically reflow the UI to adapt to any size window, and users can change the size of sidebar content like Chat and Labels. The options up top have been replaced with an Action bar consisting of just icons. Conversations also got a makeover with sharper corners and profile pictures.

The Themes have gotten an update with higher resolution images to work with the new design. user can also tweak the density of the UI, just like in the new Docs. No news on when Google is rolling this out, but it can’t be long now.

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