GlobalFoundries and Samsung Agree to Sync 28nm Chip Production

Paul Lilly

GlobalFoundries and Samsung this week announced plans to extend their collaboration agreement and synchronize global semiconductor fabrication facilities to build high performance, low leakage 28nm chips based on High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) technology. The technology takes aim at mobile applications and, according to Samsung, begins to blur the line between mobile and desktop silicon.

“We are pleased to offer smart, innovative foundry solutions to our customers through this unique collaboration. This 28nm process will be the first semiconductor technology to truly eliminate the border between desktop computers and mobile devices," said Jay Min , vice president of System LSI foundry marketing, Device Solutions, Samsung Electronics.

The new agreement extends a collaboration pact signed in 2010 between GlobalFoundries and Samsung, IBM, and STMicroelectronics, putting the firms on the same page when it comes to producing low power 28nm HKMG chips. This allows customers to source production at different facilities without worrying about compatibility problems.

This new agreement broadens the collaboration to include a powerful new 28nm chip design "to enable mobile devices with unprecedented performance and battery life." It will offer 55 percent better performance than 45nm low power SoC designs at the same frequency, and consume 60 percent less power.

GlobalFoundries and Samsung will each qualify the technology at two 300mm fabs apiece, including Fab 1 in Dresden and Fab 8 in New York (GlobalFoudries), and Samsung S1 in Korea and S2 in Texas.

Image Credit: GlobalFoundries

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