Global Spam E-Mail Levels Have Fallen off Dramatically

Maximum PC Staff

If you noticed your spam folder was a bit lighter this holiday season you aren’t alone, according to the BBC the global level of email spam has fallen dramatically over the past few months. According to a new report, the volume of unsolicited emails has been in a steady decline since August, and December results are the lowest on records. A steady decline is what we like to hear, but just how much you ask?

Based on numbers out of Symantec the amount of spam messages has dropped from close to 250 billion in late July, to slightly under 50 billion in December. Some of the decreases can be attributed to recent arrests , and a growing sense of awareness around the dangers of spam, but researchers still don’t fully understand why the decline has been so steep. One of the most active botnets for example which has typically been responsible for as much as 48% of all global spam leveled off at just 0.5%.

Spammers might just be regrouping for a massive new campaign, so enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

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