Glasses-free 3D Tech Relies on Rapidly Batting Eyelids


Since no satire site has so far taken responsibility for a new YouTube video that shows a man named Francois Vogel, a French filmmaker and visual artist, using a bizarre glasses-free 3D technology that relies on electrodes to stimulate the user’s eyelids, we are assuming that it is legit. That said, it may very well turn out to be a hoax. The video was posted last Friday and now stands on the verge of being watched 3 million times.

But if convenience or lack of it is what bothers you about 3D shutter glasses, then this technology is unlikely to be of any help to you. In the video, Vogel uses a couple of electrodes to stimulate his eyelids to bat very, very rapidly, effectively eliminating the need for shutter glasses.

According to Vogel, the technology is still in its infancy and he hopes to have the final version ready in time for CES 2012. He also mentions the need for a 120Hz display for this technology to work.

Correction: The man in the video is actually named Francois Vogel and not Jonathan Post as originally reported.

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